Want to get a message to people when they can’t hear you, for example  in a nightclub, the classroom or in a business meeting? Or do you want  to promote your products or services? LEDhit enables you to simply type your message and within seconds it will be displayed and scrolling across your screen.


Make your message unique with 15 different options from colour, brightness, font type, HD, speed plus more.  Like Emoji’s?  No problem, the LED message board supports all iPhone Emoji’s.


On the road and want to instruct the taxi driver, impress friends at the pub or maybe you’re an international DJ and want to give a shout out to the crowd from the DJ booth?  LEDhit enables lightning quick message translation into more than 40 languages.


Want to share an important milestone to the world?  Share your message in all the major social media platforms with three easy steps. Select Record to ON – Type in and Display your message – When the message finishes, go to the Share Your Display icon and send across the platforms you desire, it’s really that easy.


SMS your LED banners!  That’s right LEDhit is the only app in the world that allows you to record and SMS your messages. Simply select Record, press Display Message to capture, and then go straight to the iPhone or iPAD's Camera Roll to SMS. Your friends and family will love the suspense as they play your message and watch it scroll across their mobile device. Standard network charges may apply.


Make your LEDhit experience your own, and customised the app with light or dark background and change in app buttons to suit your daily mood.

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